Sublime Workshop



A country´s  well known sculptor suffers a life change that makes him refuge in his art. In his workshop working day and night he still even teaches his sculpture classes and techniques. Work and art are their only relief and company, through the long hours, loneliness and memories the pain and time gradually leads him to his destiny... light.

Love knows no end


Shortfilm:  Fiction

Genre: Drama

Duration: 8 mins.

Format: HD 16:09

Year: 2011/2012






This film speaks about a lost man without faith, without direction, with no hope. Life bored of watching him all lost and forgotten, offers him for the sake of entertainment and curiosity, perhaps also for good sake... one, two, three pleasures... The mad before his unbelievable luck, despair and give room to greed and power to their fate. He thristy of more demands as a desperate man more than what he can bear. Because of  his greed and actions he end up making a mistake that will cost him dearly.


Shortfilm: Fiction

Genre: Fantasy

Duration: 8 mins.

Format: HD 16:09



Weight of faith



A young family, tries to resist against their deteriorating economic situation while debts pile up, food is scarce and unemployment is at its peak. Getting home support has become an impossible task. Friends favours have also expired and the situation has worsened. The new problem to overcome is the risk of losing their house. All of these problems need an immediate solution and Alexis can not waste time.


Shortfilm: Ficción

Genre::  Drama

Duration: 14 mins.

Formato: HD 16:09





Painting the invisible



A painter increasingly frustrated by his lack of inspiration fears for his career and sustainability.

Sometimes he asked himself why he became a painter maybe he made a bad choice but one night he realizes that he chose wisely and well, he just needed a little help.


Formato HD 16:09

Year: 2016

Duration: 7 minutes

Executive Producer:

Vita Productions

Araguaney Films

General production:

Yamileth Pineda

Original Music:

Oliver Koelling

Screenplay & Direction:

Kiberly Figueroa

Nationality: Venezuela - Spain



Doriam Sojo

Alexandra Torres

Ainhoa Tato

Marco Montisci

Shortfilm: Ficción

Duration: 7 mins.

Formato: HD 16:09


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